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Moving to Denmark

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I'm excited to announce that I have accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position for Lake Modeling and Freshwater Ecology at Aarhus University! Starting this December, I am going to establish my own research group at the Department of Ecoscience to work on modeling lake ecosystems in Denmark and around the globe.

The Campus Water in Aarhus is home to fantastic colleagues with expertise in lake ecology, catchment hydrology and marine ecology, and I am thrilled to join such a vibrant and amazing scientific community. My future group and I will focus on modeling aquatic ecosystems to improve our scientific understanding about feedbacks between biotic and abiotic stressors. Here, we will apply and develop improved modeling techniques like ensemble modeling, hierarchical model intercomparison, deep learning, and individual-based modeling to improve the accuracy of future ecosystem projections.

I want to thank all my mentors, friends, family, and colleagues who have supported me dearly in my academic journey. A very special Midwestern thanks to Hilary Dugan and Paul Hanson at the Center for Limnology who gave me the freedom to explore my own scientific endeavors and, most importantly, taught me how to think outside of the (limnological) box. I am also thankful to my PhD supervisors Reinhard Hinkelmann and Michael Hupfer who showed me the benefits of interdisciplinary research. Thanks also to Eiichi Furusato who taught my so much about environmental fluid dynamics and what a single temperature profile can tell us about a lake.

Looking forward to new adventures! Stay tuned for future job opportunities in the Lake Modeling Lab!


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